On a Mission: What We Do

DNA works to develop our community's civic capital with the energy of our growing neighborhood to further achieve our cause: fostering friendly association among Dogpatch neighbors while preserving the unique character of Dogpatch.

Just imagine what we can achieve together! 


Since 1998, DNA has supported community members in a variety of ways including:

  • Creating the Dogpatch Historic District to encourage historic preservation and the adaptive reuse of existing structures;

  • Saving Esprit Park from development together with FoEP. DNA works to protect and expand our open and green spaces.

  • Helping to close the polluting Potrero Power Plant. Maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in the neighborhood is a constant aim.

  • Supporting grassroots neighborhood efforts like the Dogpatch Hub, Tunnel Top Park, Woods Yard Playground and more, to ensure Dogpatch’s constructive participation in sustainable development of our city and neighborhood

  • Representing broader community interests in negotiations with Cannabis Lounge businesses. DNA actively seeks consensus among members’ when facing neighborhood change, opportunities and problems.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons "SF Pier 70" by BitBoy is licensed under CC BY 2.0


DNA Executive Team

Standing Committees

Four of these five committees are established in the by-laws of the Association; these committees meet all year long.Make your voice count--Join a committee!


Responsible for identifying, communicating, and coordinating issues of importance to the neighborhood, key strategies for neighborhood planning, and challenges and needs of the community.  This committee will be the primary interface with government agencies, special interest groups, neighborhood planners and the Association membership.  Committee Chair: Katherine Doumani

Budget & Finance

Responsible for ensuring adequate financial controls and accurate tracking and accountability of Association funds; planning and supporting an independent annual audit of financial records; maintaining an accurate role of members; managing the Community Advisory Board for placement of donated funds. Committee Chair – Joel Bean


Responsible for recruitment, engagement and retention of members, connectivity within the community, and building new relationships with neighborhood organizations.  Responsible for planning and coordinating major events such as membership drives, social events and fundraising events, often through management of ad hoc committees; identification of needed board member skills and recruiting and developing future board members; fundraising. Committee Co-Chairs – Joel Bean & Donovan Lacy

Development & Private Infrastructure

Responsible for interface with developers of new construction projects.  Responsible for architectural and engineering review of all new developments to ensure compliance with community standards, good neighbor policies, historical sensitivity, and appropriate land use.  Developers please see design and development guidelines for projects in our neighborhood. This committee works in coordination with the Potrero Boosters Development Committee.


Responsible for coordinating transportation issues between the City and the community through three subcommittees:  Livable Streets (shared streets, bicycle infrastructure, traffic calming); Parking; and SFMTA/Public Transportation. Committee Chair: Donovan Lacy This committee works in coordination with the Potrero Boosters Transportation Committee.

Ad Hoc Committees

These committees, called “special committees” in the by-laws are generally established to coordinate and accomplish short-term, specific projects.  They are “established and their chairs appointed by the president and the Executive Board”.  Examples:

  • Slow Streets/Shared Streets 

  • Flower Mart Development

  • Homeless Issues

  • SFMTA Coordination and Outreach (Parking and Transit)

  • GBD Coordination

  • Pier 70 Development

  • Power Station Development

  • Cannabis Facilities

  • UCSF Coordination and Outreach

  • Land Use (Residential and PDR Development)

  • Government Agency Coordination and Advocacy

Katherine Doumani, DNA President

Katherine Doumani President

Donovan Lacy DNA VP

Donovan Lacy Vice President

Vanessa Aquino, DNA Secretary

Vanessa Aquino Secretary

Joel Bean, DNA Treasurer

Joel Bean Treasurer

Bruce Huie, DNA Member-at-Large

Bruce Huie Member-at-Large

1459 18th St. #227, San Francisco CA 94107

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Katherine Doumani, DNA President

Katherine Doumani President

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