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Guidelines for DNA Letters of Support

When asking DNA for a letter of support, please keep the following Guidelines in mind:

When possible, letter should be drafted by a standing committee (Advocacy, Development,

Membership, Budget, Finance) or special committee, then approved by the Executive Board prior to submission for a general membership vote.


Subject asking for support is in line with DNA’s purposes:

  1. Improve and beautify Dogpatch

  2. Issue is relevant to Dogpatch and adjacent neighborhoods

  3. Encourage friendly association among Dogpatch neighbors

  4. Preserve the unique character of the neighborhood by encouraging historic preservation and the adaptive reuse of existing structures

  5. Protect and expand the open and green spaces of Dogpatch

  6. Maintain and enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood

  7. Ensure constructive participation in the sustainable development of the neighborhood (see separate guidelines for the Development Review Process)

  8. Represent members’ interest in community problems which arise.

  9. Support diversity, equity, and inclusiveness norms/guidelines of the community


Subject should be apolitical; letters of support for candidates for elective office are to be


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