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On a Mission: What We Do

DNA leverages our community's civic capital to support our mission: fostering friendly association among neighbors while maintaining the unique character of Dogpatch.

Just imagine what we can achieve together! 


Since 1998, DNA has supported community members in a variety of ways including:

  • Creating the Dogpatch Historic District to encourage historic preservation and the adaptive reuse of existing structures;

  • Saving Esprit Park from development together with the original FoEP. Now DNA works with the Green Benefits District to protect and expand our open and green spaces.

  • Helping to close the polluting Potrero Power Plant. Maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in the neighborhood is a constant aim.

  • Supporting grassroots neighborhood efforts like the Dogpatch Hub, Tunnel Top Park, Woods Yard Playground and more, to ensure Dogpatch’s constructive participation in sustainable development of our city and neighborhood

  • Representing broader community interests in negotiations with Cannabis Lounge businesses. DNA actively seeks consensus among members’ when facing neighborhood change, opportunities and problems.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons "SF Pier 70" by BitBoy is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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Board Members

DNA Executive Team


Donovan Lacy, President


Katherine Doumani, Vice President

emma S

Emma Shlaes, Secretary

22_03_17 GBD Election reminder_edited

An Van de Moortel - Treasurer


Michael Berkowitz, Member-at-Large


Shawn Troedson Member-at-Large


Kayla Hughes, Member-at-Large

Emily Wang, DNA Member-at-Large

Emily Wang, Member-at-Large


Alexandra Lindsay, Member at Large

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