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DNA Board Orientation

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DNA operates through shared knowledge and history passed down through neighbors and documented in some of the materials attached below. These include everything from the 1998 Eastern Neighborhoods Plan that rezoned most of the M1 (heavy industrial) parcels to UMU (universal mixed use), to the Public Realm Plan to our Parking agreement with SFMTA.

All this material is for reference, but is also worth perusing to get a sense of what guides the work that the DNA does.

In addition, please familiarize yourself with our Bylaws as well as general neighborhood history as time permits.



The purpose of the DNA shall be to improve and beautify Dogpatch; to take an active role in issues relevant to Dogpatch and adjacent neighborhoods; encourage a friendly association among Dogpatch neighbors; preserve the unique character of Dogpatch by encouraging historic preservation and the adaptive reuse of existing structures; protect and expand the open and green space of Dogpatch; maintain and enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood; ensure Dogpatch’s constructive participation in sustainable development of our city and neighborhood; and to represent members’ interest in community problems which may arise. 

The "Language"

Our Community Partners

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