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Carpenter's Union Hall

The parking lot was once a shiny filling station that epitomized 1920s SF.

The Gilmore Oil Company was an independent oil company in California which was founded by Arthur Fremont Gilmore after he struck oil on his dairy farm in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles around 1903. ... He promoted the company in a flamboyant style with much advertising, branding and sponsorship.

At the turn of the century, while drilling for water for his herd of dairy cows, Gilmore struck oil. By 1905, the dairy was gone and the Gilmore Oil Company was born.

“Someday you will own a horseless carriage. Our gasoline will run it – Gilmore Oil Company,” read a prophetic statement made by Gilmore Oil Company in 1913. Soon motorists up and down the West Coast were filling up with Gilmore Gas.

Visit to join the community fun as our gift to you during this year's "holidays at home" Shelter in Place.

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