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Pennsylvania Garden

Neighborhood beautification can start with just one plant...

For a long time Annie Shaw had wanted to clean up and beautify the Mariposa Street off ramp which lets onto Pennsylvania Avenue, and which is owned by Caltrans. She wanted to make it a relaxing and safe place for all sorts of people and animals to enjoy. Then one day in December 2008 she noticed that a someone had planted a Princess Plant.

Inspired, Annie went to a San Francisco Botanical Garden plant sale the next day and came home with a car full of plants. Pennsylvania Garden was born. As she and her fiancee (now husband) Matt planted those first plants, Jim and Carrie from across the street came over and introduced themselves - they had planted that Princess Plant!


Relax and read the rest of this story to learn how ingenuity, hard work, community volunteerism and elbow grease combined to give us this beautiful green space for all to enjoy.


Visit to join the community fun as our gift to you during this year's "holidays at home" Shelter in Place.

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