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Planet Walk

A nice curbside garden ending in the Frisco Hells Angels Clubhouse...

Starting point: 22nd and Minnesota streets. Look for the frisbee-sized sun on the Slow Street sign and a Dogpatch Planet Walk map zip-tied on a nearby telephone pole.

The adventure: Brought to you by the same family that finished Total Muni Summer and once visited and reviewed every playground in San Francisco, this is an educational tour of the Solar System, a tour of the Dogpatch neighborhood and a celebration of the Slow Streets program.

Dogpatch poet Mc Allen and family — mother Holly, Lincoln (age 8) and Poppy (10) — have created a scale model of the solar system, starting with a sun that is 42 centimeters across. Ten planets (including the dwarf planet Ceres) are spaced out over a 12-block linear path, proportional to their distance from the sun. Each planet has a laminated fact sheet tied to a pole with a piece of artwork.

The walk is filled with science and fun facts. (Did you know that Neptune revolves around the sun only once every 165 years?) But it's also a blast of Dogpatch pride and a celebration of thoughtful city planning. As you follow the line you'll also see three playgrounds, Esprit and Mariposa Parks, lots of new below-market-rate housing and senior housing, the Parklab food trucks and community space, and Chase Center.

Visit to join the community fun as our gift to you during this year's "holidays at home" Shelter in Place.

Adapted from Peter Harlaub's SF Chron article published on Nov. 5

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