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10 Reasons to Join the DNA Board

While you're venturing out into the neighborhood, consider all the folks who've worked to make Dogpatch what it is. The DNA has been around since 1998 and many people have contributed to the advocacy that makes Dogpatch such a vibrant, funky, authentic community. If you like what you see, and love it here as much as we do, why not consider joining the DNA Board? This opportunity of a lifetime comes with the following perks: 1. You get to hang out with cool people 2. It's fun fixing the 'hood. 3. You'll live longer by getting to know your neighbors (see this Harvard study). 4. Learning about city processes and civic action will make you smarter. 5. It's all volunteer work is, in a good way. 6. It brings you good Karma--what goes around comes around. 7. Power: Focus DNA on all your community pet peeves! 8. Networking was never so easy! 9. Altruism is the secret to a clear complexion (do-gooders have less stress) 10. Make Dogpatch even more fabulous!

+BONUS: Volunteering increases sex appeal--everyone knows that do gooders have more confidence!

Nominations take place Tuesday, Sept. 14th at the DNA Community Meeting and you can even nominate yourself!

Elections are Tuesday, Nov. 9th.

Open positions include Member-at-Large, Multi-Gen Chair; positions to be re-upped include President, VP, Secretary and Development Chair.

Elections Day is Tuesday Nov 9th at the DNA meeting. You must be a member in good standing and be present (on Zoom) to Vote.

Download the doc below for more about Board Service.

Board Recruit Info Sheet
Download PDF • 3.59MB

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