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April 2021 Shamann Walton Community Meeting Video Recording - part 1 of 2

Here's the recent community meeting recording, so you can watch it at your own convenience!

Highlights of our conversation:

  1. The successful slow-street ride with the Supervisor and his noting the need for street (and sidewalk) work along the route. It might be worth noting the SFMTA's extensive survey of Minnesota Street (and the results if we have them) so that the issue isn't re-litigated every time we have a meeting.

  2. The success of the Pier 94 RV homeless shelter, the slow reopening of the existing navigation centers, the work on shelter-in-place hotels, and Mayor Breed's desire to revive the effort to open a drug sobering center in the Tenderloin.

  3. The work that has been done on District 10's public safety plan for 2021 and a link to the report at

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