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Community Updates: Events & Esprit

Upcoming Events from the Warriors at Thrive City:

As a special thanks for being our neighbor, The Warriors have reserved a limited number of tickets for our Winter Wonderland events at Thrive City. These events are FREE and include holiday celebrations and treats, live music performances, and ice skating this winter. 

Simply use code NEIGHBORS when you RSVP through the links below. Please share this code and opportunity with folks from DNA. 

Winter Wonderland Lighting Ceremony | November 29

Tip off the festive season with the Bay Area’s largest tree and live music from original member of RUN DMC, Darryl McDaniels. RSVP →


Winter Wonderland Hanukkah Celebration | December 7

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with the lighting of the menorah to mark the beginning of the holiday! RSVP →


Winter Wonderland Ice Skating | December 18

Enjoy a smooth, synthetic ice skating experience in the heart of Mission Bay with holiday treats and complimentary ice skate rentals. RSVP →


Winter Wonderland Kwanzaa & Noon Year’s Eve| December 31

Celebrate the culture of Kwanzaa and ring in 2024 with Afrobeats and The Rock and Roll Playhouse. RSVP →


For additional information and events, please visit Thrive City Winter Wonderland website:

Esprit Park Construction Update & Tree Removal:

Construction Update: Tree Removal and Replacement: Esprit Park Renovation: November 2023


From SF Rec Park Department:

During our ongoing monitoring efforts, we discovered that a tree that we were attempting to preserve in place during construction was in decline. The tree is located adjacent to 20th Street and is in the immediate vicinity of the planned large plaza and picnic area in the renovated park. Based on the tree’s status and in consultation with and recommendation from our arborist, Rec and Park has decided to remove and replace this tree.  The new tree species will match the new trees being planted in that vicinity to replace the poplars that our consulting arborist suspects were poisoned.


This tree was in fair condition prior to construction.  It was flagged as having only medium suitability for preservation, with the following note: Top dieback and one-sided branching to south. Suppressed by adjacent poplars.  In the 2021 assessment, the following additional notes were added by the consulting arborist: Wind burn. Crown thin at top. The arborist recommended “Retain and prune to reduce height and branch end weights.”  As part of the current construction contract, the prescribed pruning was completed, with oversight from our consulting arborist.  The tree was ranked as 7 or 8 out of 12 for risk rating, with 12 being the highest possible risk.  For reference, Rec and Park abates trees with risk rating of 9 and above, when resources allow. 


Of note is that this is the exception, not the norm.  We have been regularly monitoring the trees retained on site.  Many other similar trees have had construction activities in the immediate vicinity, and they are not in decline.


The tree will be removed on or after November 28, 2023 and will be replaced when the rest of the park’s planting effort commences, in the coming weeks.

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