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Crane Cove Park Opened 9/30/20!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Now open for everyone--and popular too!

Though it won't be on site, the long-awaited park will officially open via Zoom on September 30, 2020. Stay tuned for more from the Port of SF.

The Park's creation was delayed repeatedly and because of escalating costs, significantly scaled back and value engineered.

The park will open without its crane tops, child's playground and dog run, but SF Park's Alliance is working to fill the funding gaps. Still awaiting future funding -- with no date nor prospects -- are the two acres of slipways and a viewing deck, as well as building 109 shown on the right side of the photo above from AECOM the park designers.

Let's all celebrate on the 30th, but not forget that the work is not quite complete and this phenomenal historic site has more to offer when the time is right to finish the job promised to San Francisco.

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Looking forward to this transformation and appreciate the recognition that it’s not complete. Public outdoor space is the ONLY safe space and much needed as the neighborhood rapidly densifies. The other main park in Dogpatch, Esprit, is over-capacity., making it a less safe option. There is great need for another dog park and recreation area, especially when the teen center reopens nearby. Completion of this park with all intended uses should be REPRIORITIZED, especially during the pandemic.


Adam Zolot
Adam Zolot

What a shame that this was done incompletely. I live across the street and was promised 10 years ago that this park was imminent. The Port shouldn’t have committed without ALL of the funding in place. This wouldn’t have happened in Pac Heights or the Marina. Now we’re left to look at a shoddy, incomplete project. Nobody is mentioning the “beach” - which is just a pile of grainy dirt, littered with weeds. How about some proper sand? With the new density of population in this area, don’t we warrant more attention and support from the city to have some nice things?

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