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DNA Meeting Reminder & Esprit News


Link for tomorrow's 7pm zoom DNA meeting is here (apologies for the bum link in the January Newsletter).

Plus, Esprit Park renovation groundbreaking will take place on Friday, January 20th. As a community we have been working on the plans and waiting years for this park to be refreshed so come celebrate with your neighbors as the construction begins. Below is from RecPark:

"We are excited to announce that we have a Notice to Proceed (NTP) date for the construction contract for the Esprit Park Renovation Project. NTP date is January 19.

Please join us groundbreaking ceremony at the park on Friday, January 20, at 1 pm (details in flyer below).

We do still have an outstanding appeal of our Bureau of Urban Forestry Tree Removal Permit (hearing date January 18). We are moving forward with construction to minimize additional delays and costs to the project associated with bird nesting and escalation. To clarify, we will not be proceeding with the removal of trees within the right of way (tree removal permit scope) until that permit is unsuspended. If you would like more information on the permit appeal and process, please email the Project Manager:

We are also working to host an additional online community update in the second half of February. Please stay tuned for date and details.

Thank you for your support of this project.

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