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Dogpatch Hub at Crane Cove Park FAQ & Call to ACTION

+ IT’S BEEN FOREVER--WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW? The SF Port is releasing an RFP for the buildings at Crane Cove. This means that FoDH will be competing for the Kneass building with any other entity that applies.

+ HOW CAN I HELP? Join the Port Southern Advisory Committee ZOOM call this coming Wednesday, Nov 18, 7:30pm-8pm, to advocate for turning the Kneass building into the Dogpatch Hub.

+ WHAT DO I SAY?: First, introduce yourself with your full name and say where you live, then name your favorite Hub feature (see below) -- and tell the Port why the Hub is important to you (and your family).

+ THEN WHAT HAPPENS? Port Staff will add your feedback to the RFP to reflect what the community wants and ensure RFP respondents (like FoDH) address the needs of all stakeholders.

+ WHEN WILL THE HUB BE BUILT?  If our proposal for the Dogpatch Community Hub wins, then we will negotiate our Kneass lease exclusively with the Port and build the Hub by 2023.

in 2016 DNA provided the seed funding for Friends of Dogpatch Hub to become a nonprofit public charity to build a community center to respond to the growing challenges affecting Dogpatch in the face of the extraordinary development boom.

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