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Explore the Outdoors at Heron's Head Park this Saturday 3/26--activities for all ages from 10-2pm

Have you ever tasted the saltiness of the bay?

Turned your cell phone into a portable microscope?

Explored some of the earliest maps of the San Francisco Bay?

Thought about our climate future?

Now is the time to explore our ever changing shoreline.

10:00 Welcome and Land Acknowledgement (EcoCenter Main Room)

10:15 Caring for place- Urban Alchemy’s Robert Dixon (EcoCenter Main Room)

10:20-NOON MULTIPLE EVENTS Shifting Shoreline Map Table - Mycelium and Exploratorium (EcoCenter Map Cart)

Oreo Geology Cookie demonstration - Exploratorium’s Eric Muller

Community environment survey- Mycelium Youth Leadership Council Mycelium

Tasting the Tides Demo - Exploratorium’s Lori Lambertson and Shawn Lani

Making natural cleaners - Mycelium Youth Network

NOON - 1PM PIZZA LUNCH Will be served (Oreo Cookie Geology demos served up for dessert)

12:30-2 Expedition to the Point - Research Vessels and Trail Walk in Heron’s Head Park

We’ll be launching our adventure trikes equipped with your very own phone microscope, binoculars, maps, and other observational tools that will reveal hidden landscapes and stories while starting conversations about our future.

A short list of things we’ll be using and looking for: Shoreline plants - Exploring color, form, and ecology

Cell phone microscope - Make it here, take it home

Color of water - Explore the many-colored moods of our bay

Tasting the Tides - Let’s test and taste the current condition of the bay

Rack lines and King Tides - Just how high is today’s tide, and how high is the highest tide going to be and how do the tides work?

Climate Compass - How do we predict the future of our shorelines as sea levels rise.

Meet artist Sara Dean to learn how scientists predict sea levels in the future and how to read a landscape to understand where you are in relation to the changing tides.

AND FINALLY 2pm: Shoreline plant giveaway- We’ll be giving out native plants as a gift in appreciation of your p

articipation. Native plants are a great way to connect to nature and remind ourselves that nature-based solutions are a powerful way of restoring and preserving our precious historic ecology.

Shifting Shorelines Herons Head Park Site Exploration
Download PDF • 3.90MB

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