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Future Public Elementary in Mission Bay Needs Your Support

Action Requested: If you agree that families in the Eastern Neighborhoods of San Francisco need a public elementary school (see background below), please sign this petition and send it to your friends, family and greater networks. We are hoping to capture 1,000 signatures in the next 30 days. If the 3 final approvals are secured in a timely manner, the school should be completed and ready to accept students in August 2025.

Background For over a decade, the Mission Bay, South Beach, Transbay, East Cut, Rincon Hill, Dogpatch, and Potrero Hill communities have been advocating for the construction of the Mission Bay Elementary School included in the 1998 Mission Bay Redevelopment Plan. Mission Bay is almost completely built out with over 6,400 units of housing, 30% of which is affordable. One of the few parcels left to be developed is the public school site that will provide capacity not only for children living in Mission Bay but for children living in the adjacent neighborhoods—neighborhoods that have experienced significant housing & population growth over the past decade. Presently, the closest schools for these high-density communities are two schools in Potrero Hill and Bessie Carmichael on 7th street in Western SOMA. Each of these schools has City-wide programs, limiting the number of available seats for local students. Funding for the Mission Bay School was secured in a 2016 school bond. Without the Mission Bay School moving forward immediately, families will continue to struggle getting their children to public school, the cost to construct the school will continue to increase and there is a significant risk of losing the funding and land for the project. In Summary - We have the land for free as part of the Mission Bay Redevelopment Plan - We have full funding for the project secured via the 2016 General Obligation Bond - This eastern part of San Francisco, including Transbay, South Beach, Rincon Hill, Mission Bay, Dogpatch, and Potrero Hill, is meeting its obligation to provide both market-rate and affordable housing. But the infrastructure to support the families in these neighborhoods, including schools, lag, and these families lack the level of City-services enjoyed by residents in other parts of San Francisco.

- The construction of the Mission Bay School is a necessary, cost-efficient way to begin providing support to these neighborhoods. The Petition ( asks the Board of Education to:

Vote “YES” on the Mission Bay Elementary School Construction, including: Vote “Yes” on the Land Transfer from UCSF to SFUSD Vote “Yes” on the Environmental Impact Report Vote “Yes” on the Design Build Contract Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Bruce Agid

Board Member, South Beach/Rincon/Mission Bay Neighborhood Association

Lead, Mission Bay Elementary School Community Steering Committee


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