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How to Repeal Weekend Parking Restrictions

On a call with SFMTA we voiced the community displeasure with the 4-hour parking regulations extending into weekend and evening hours.

We were given the following petition to modify RPP hours of enforcement on selected blocks within the Dogpatch neighborhood for neighbors to file in the event that sections of streets would like to change the hours and welcome friends and family on Saturday and Sunday evening without the threat of being ticketed.

Blank RPP Petition - Mod 06_20
Download PDF • 161KB

Please email the completed petition to

For additional information about the RPP program and the process to establish or modify an existing RPP Area, please visit SFMTA's RPP website at

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1 Comment

Dear DNA

I live on 3rd St. I'm 73 years old.I have been moving my car mostly every hour until 10pm. I typically park on Tennessee and 18th. The activity of moving my car every hour does keep me in shape, buy the $200 dollars in tickets is keeping me poor. The new UCSF facility on 18th, has white lined or wiped out around 28 parking spaces. Spaces that they will never use.

There were 8 parking spaces on 18th btwn 3rd and Tennessee we gave up during construction of the UCSF facility on 18th, but that construction is over. We want on spaces back!

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