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Interim Shelter Cabins Coming to San Francisco!

From RescueSF:

The City of San Francisco announced a pilot of interim shelter cabins for the current safe sleeping site at 33 Gough. At this location, the current residents’ tents will be replaced by privately financed interim shelter cabins that can house 70 people. DignityMoves is the project developer, and Tipping Point is providing most of the funding for the project. The City will continue to pay for the site lease and services. The cabins are expected to be installed by December 2021.

For more than a year, RescueSF has advocated for the City to launch an interim shelter pilot. These temporary, transitional shelter cabins have been a missing rung on the ladder out of homelessness. They are an immediate, cost-effective, safe, and dignified shelter solution that can help unhoused residents come off the streets, today.

The only solution to homelessness is permanent housing, but the waiting line for that housing cannot be on our streets. When permanent housing is not available, the City can end street sleeping by offering unhoused people the opportunity to move to interim shelter cabins.

We congratulate DignityMoves and Tipping Point on the announcement of this project. We hope that a successful pilot will demonstrate the effectiveness of interim shelter and encourage the City to roll out interim shelter more broadly. We will continue to advocate on this issue and will keep you updated.

Learn more about the project at 33 Gough.

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