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Making Minnesota Slow Street Permanent - SFMTA Survey!! - Slow Street Image

It's official​:​ SFMTA has released the Slow Street Survey for the next round of Permanent Slow Streets​!​ This is an exciting opportunity to make ​Minnesota St. a Permanent ​Slow Street and protect the benefits of Slow Streets that are open and inviting to everyone for walking, running, wheeling, biking and ​exercising.

Making Minnesota St. a Permanent Slow Street will also provide an important connection to the protected bike lanes on 4th and 16th Streets and create a safe route all the way through Dogpatch.​ A Permanent Minnesota Slow Street is the key step to improving how the slow street works. Only by making the slow street permanent do we get to engage with SFMTA on how to improve it​.​

Access the Minnesota Street Survey:

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