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Parents Alert! Join tomorrow

Tomorrow at 7pm the Dogpatch Neighborhood Association is hosting a Education Forum. For those interested in hearing more about SFUSD changes in the lottery, or the future Missionbay schools, and new and current resources for neighborhood tutoring and STEM enrichments in the area please considering joining or sharing this link with any others that maybe interested.



SFUSD Lottery Updates - Joseph Monardo SFUSD Placement Director

826 Valencia ( After School Tutoring ) - Kavitha Lotun

Mission Bay School Education Advocacy and New Elementary School Updates: Bruce Agid

Highschool Linked STEM Hub Updates- Erik Rice SFUSD and UCSF Donald Woodson

Potrero Kids/Prefund - Early Education Resources and Advocacy - Rebecca Kee ( PK Head of School) and Lindsay Schallich (Prefund)

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