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Please Take these short Safe Biking Surveys from SFMTA & Caltrans

The San Francisco Active Communities Plan (ACP) is a 2-year planning process to develop a new plan for active mobility in San Francisco. The new plan directs SFMTA future investments in the active transportation network, support facilities, programs, and policies for the next 10-15 years. This new planning effort includes all devices that can legally use the active transportation network and elevates the voices and needs of equity priority communities.

Dogpatch is surrounded by Caltrans land and the safety and ease of biking and mobility are heavily impacted by the lack of Caltrans maintenance of their property (this includes Indiana, , Pennsylvania, Mariposa, Iowa, 7th Streets and more. Caltrans Bay Area wants your input on which features will make biking on Caltrans facilities comfortable, convenient and connected! Share your feedback by taking our short survey, which will ask about improvements you want on Caltrans facilities as well as your biking habits. All questions are optional.

For additional background information, visit:

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