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Reimaging the Railyards

The SF Railyards Project envisions the Caltrain railyards at 4th and King as a regional transit center with a new rail station, added Caltrain service, and neighborhood with housing, office and public spaces.

Recognizing that any changes at the 4th and King Caltrain station must meet the operational needs of Caltrain’s Service Vision 2040, the first step in the SF Railyards project is to identify potential alternative track layouts that could be compatible with development.

The SF Railyards Project is a coordinated effort between the City and County of San Francisco, Caltrain, the Transbay Joint Powers Authority, the California High Speed Rail Authority, and Prologis, the owner of the Railyards site.

How to Stay Involved

Here are a few ways to stay connected to the SF Railyards Project:

1. Join the Railyards Working Group (RWG). The RWG will build on the work and lessons learned from the former Community Working Group established for the RAB (2016-2018). 10-15 community representatives will be selected to represent diverse stakeholders on the RWG. We anticipate the RWG holding quarterly meetings, open to the public, to hear project updates from staff, convey community priorities, discuss tradeoffs, and bring diverse perspectives to the Railyards Projects. The RWG can inform the public engagement strategy, identify project opportunities, and discover synergies for expanding public benefits. Learn more about and apply to join the Railyards Working Group!

2. Community Conversations and public events will be held on an ongoing basis to provide updates on the SF Railyards Project, RWG discussions and related work. These may take place at community advisory committees (CACs), community organization meetings, public format workshops, and online webinars.

3. Focus groups will be held, particularly among priority equity communities or other stakeholders who may be impacted by, but have not historically engaged in transportation projects.

This newsletter will be sent out on a regular basis to provide updates on the Project and community events above. To receive this newsletter please subscribe here.

Updates on Related Projects

  • The Downtown Extension (DTX) project includes a new underground 4th and Townsend station and connection to Salesforce Transit Center. The SF Railyards Project’s goal is to seamlessly integrate any changes at the Railyards with the 4th and Townsend station design.The Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) recently reached 30% design for the DTX, a critical milestone for cost estimating and securing funding. Further design refinements and responses to federal and state grant applications are anticipated in the fall. Pending the securing of additional funding, work on utility relocation for the tunnel is anticipated to start late next year.

  • The Pennsylvania Avenue Extension (PAX) is a proposal to extend the underground rail tracks south of 4th and Townsend to the 22nd Street station area. The PAX would eliminate at-grade rail crossings at the 16th Street and Mission Bay Drive rail crossings, saving time for transit and emergency services while also increasing safety. The PAX is under preliminary study and environmental review is expected to begin in 2024.

  • High Speed Rail (HSR) is the statewide project to provide high-speed rail service from downtown San Francisco and SoMa to San Jose, the Central Valley, and Los Angeles. In June, the California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) released the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the San Francisco to San Jose project section. The Authority’s Board of Directors will consider certifying the EIR at a two-day board meeting August 17 and 18. The EIR alternatives include an interim rail station at 4th & King – until the connection to Salesforce Transit Center is made – as well as a light maintenance facility for high-speed trains in Brisbane.

  • Caltrain Service Vision 2040 – Adopted by Caltrain’s Board of Directors in 2020, Caltrain’s vision includes eight trains per direction, per peak hour, with all-day express service every 15 minutes, and increased off-peak and weekend service. Any proposals for the Railyards must meet the operational needs of the Service Vision.

Those are the high-level updates for now. To continue receiving updates for the SF Railyards Project, be sure to subscribe. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact

Thank you for your continued interest in the SF Railyards.

The SF Planning Team

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