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September 2022 Community Meeting - Education Forum


1. SFUSD Lottery Updates - Joseph Monardo SFUSD Placement Director (Presentation)

SFUSD [9.13.22] Dogpatch_Potrero Community Enrollment Overview
Download PDF • 1.60MB

2. 826 Valencia ( After School Tutoring ) - Kavitha Lotun

Info Session_ 826 Valencia Mission Bay Center
Download PDF • 2.54MB

3. Mission Bay School Education Advocacy and New Elementary School Updates: Bruce Agid

4. Highschool Linked STEM Hub Updates- Erik Rice SFUSD and UCSF Donald Woodson

SFUSD Mission Bay Hub Overview and Update 9.12.22
Download PDF • 12.30MB

5. Potrero Kids/Prefund - Early Education Resources and Advocacy - Rebecca Kee ( PK Head of School) and Lindsay Schallich (Prefund)

DNA community meetings are held monthly on second Tuesdays at 7PM.

Recordings from previous meetings can be found here