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Progress Park & the Gears Parcel

The maker-can-do spirit, a part of the 'hood for over a century is alive and well in Dogpatch where we're now even building---and maintaining---parks of our own.

Imagine a fenced Caltrans freeway verge adjacent to the northbound 280 on-ramp littered with trash and a target of dumping along Iowa. Led by neighbor Bruce Huie, the community worked together to covert this eyesore into a Park through lobbying and labor with help from Public Works. 


Progress Park is one of the GBD’s most exemplary parks, as it is public green space with no official funding or maintenance from the city. 

Walk north along Iowa street and you'll find the next great community effort: the Gears parcel:

While excavating in 2009, a developer un-earthed gigantic gears that had been buried for decades, artifacts of the nearby Tubbs Cordage Factory, maker of all the rope for all the ships that plied the west coast in the 1800s. The giant gears were too large and too curious to dispose so once again the community rallied to have them mounted posts creating a new Dogpatch totem. The Green Benefit District also provides weekly maintenance and is working to extend the open space to the adjacent fenced parcel. Stay tuned as this is a work in progress, just like our neighborhood!

Visit to join the community fun as our gift to you during this year's "holidays at home" Shelter in Place.

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