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pier 70 potrero point

Pier 70 Union Iron Works

The original Potrero Point wasthe engine that fueled the boom and bust cycles in Dogpatch and beyond

One of the most iconic features of Dogpatch is the industrial zone of Pier 70. It goes by many names and has changed hands multiple times through its long history, but it has always served maritime industry due to its deep-water basin.


The Union Iron Works, its iconic machine shop graces the DNA logo, was started at the foot of Potrero, on the bay side. Between the main hill and the Iron Works, Irish Hill rose. Union Iron Works first produced barges and river boats that moved up the Sacramento River. When the government finally awarded the firm the contract for the battleship Charleston, the company became a major ship builder on the West Coast. This resulted in a population boom on Potrero Hill. During the 1900's until after WWII, Union Iron Works produced many of the ships in the Pacific Fleet.

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