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Vermont Street

More zig than Lombard's zag and ONLY in Potrero

Millions of tourists have slalomed down charming, flower-lined Lombard Street in San Francisco, thinking that they were on the crookedest street in the world. Wrong. They weren't even on the crookedest street in the city.

That's Vermont Street, which snakes its way down Potrero Hill between 20th and 22nd Streets. Seven switchbacks, far more disorienting (and far steeper) than Lombard's, wedged into a claustrophobic tree-canopied alley. And, unlike Lombard, there's never a queue to drive down -- unless it's during the annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel race every Easter.

We recommend starting at the top and proceeding slowly. It's one way, and there are private homes and driveways at the curves. The only car we saw on the road once we reached the bottom was heading up the wrong way, though the driver preemptively honked his horn in warning. Hint: don't do this.

Visit to join the community fun as our gift to you during this year's "holidays at home" Shelter in Place.

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